Update from Tigard POA

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis we have seen a movement in this nation to look at how we do things in Law Enforcement. Although the Tigard Police Department and our Police Officers Association have an outstanding relationship with the community of Tigard, which was never more evident than with the recent passing of our Public Safety Levy, we also cannot ignore that things are changing. Law Enforcement is an ever-changing profession. As a professional organization we must be willing to look at ourselves and our organization and asking ourselves is there a better way of doing things. Are we doing everything that we can to serve the citizens, businesses and everyone who visits the City of Tigard in the best way that we can. We as an association are working with the Tigard Police Administration to examine our policies and procedures to reassure everyone we are doing the best we can. With that being said, below are several areas that are currently being looked into.

Transformation Commission:

Mayor Snider and Tigard City Council are working on a commission to look into aspects of policing that they have received comments or concerns about. Specifics about the commission, to include who will or could be on the commission as well as the topics that will or could be discussed can be found at the link below. The Tigard Police Officers Association has provided feedback on the proposed commission including conversations with Mayor Snider. The Mayor and City Council are continuing to take input and feedback on the commission draft until 8/4/20. As an association we encourage everyone to look at the draft and share any questions or concerns or feedback with the Mayor and City Council.


Transit Police:

The Tigard Police Department has a long-standing relationship and partnership with TriMet. Currently the department has 4 Officers and a Sergeant assigned to the Transit Police which serves TriMet. Those Officers currently work out of either Portland or Gresham and respond to calls for service involving Max or TriMet buses/property throughout the Metro area. As talked about in the above mentioned transformation commission, we are looking at this partnership and how that relationship

should look like going forward. There is a lot in play here with a variety of different options.

School Resource Officers:

The Tigard Police Department has had over a 20-year relationship with the Tigard Tualatin School District (TTSD) in which we provided School Resource Officers (SROs). Our SROs work as a resource to the schools in several ways and have built relationships with both the schools and students. For the upcoming school year, the Tigard Police were to have two SROs assigned to the Tigard Schools and with the passing of the recent Public Safety Levy, money was included to add a third SRO.

The City of Tigard and TTSD have had an annual contract for the SROs, but the Tigard Police Department was recently notified by TTSD that they were currently not renewing that contract for the upcoming school year. Tigard Police Administration and the City of Tigard had already begun talks with TTSD to determine our future partnership. As an association we are hoping to continue these conversations and to continue our partnership with TTSD. We believe the SRO program is a great example of Community Policing and building relationships and trust within the community. We are hoping that there will be an opportunity for feedback and comments from the community and schools on the SRO program before a permanent decision is made.

We as an association just wanted to keep everyone informed on what we as your Tigard Police Department and as the Tigard Police Officers Association are doing in these current times. As an association we cannot thank the community enough for the outpouring of support. We have received so many thank you cards and notes as well as treats, that we could never reach out to each person individually to thank them. Our patrol officers are daily being approached by citizens voicing their support and well wishes. To have citizens voice their appreciation goes a long way. If you have specific concerns regarding any of the topics mentioned above, we encourage you to please reach out to the appropriate person or organization and let them know what you have to say. It’s your community.

Tigard Police Officers Association (TPOA)